Pokemon BW 2014

Happy Meal “Pokemon BW” toys, available for collection at McDonald’s in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Taiwan.
Thailand: 28 March – 24 April 2014

Malaysia: 17 April – 14 May 2014

Singapore: 24 July – 20 Aug 2014

Taiwan: 30 July – 26 August 2014

Light Up Pikachu
What makes the light up on Pikachu’s cheeks?
It’s because of the flow of electricity through humans. When touching the buttons on Pikachu, it completes the circuit of plus & minus of the battery inside and the humans are conductors and pass through the weak flow of electricity so can activate the light on Pikachu’s cheeks.

Pokemon Telescope
How it  can view things in a distance larger?
It’s because the telescope is using 2 lenses in combination which can magnify things.
Charizard Microscope
How it can view small things bigger?
It’s because the microscope is using 2 lenses in combination which can magnify things. Microscope can view small detailed objects not possible through human eye by using 2 lenses to view them bigger. The mechanism is the same for the telescope which can see things clearer even at a distance.

Mewtwo Gravity Ball
What makes Mewtwo inside the ball to stay up straight when rolled along?
It’s because the gravity inside toy is kept balanced. The object has the gravity point and depending on where the position is, it will fall or stay still. The reason why Mewtwo can always roll upright is because the base underneath Mewtwo is heavy and the center of gravity of toy being in a low position.
Eevee and Friends
What makes the whistle to sound and be able to change the pitch sound?
It’s because of the vibration of the air in the chamber. By blowing air through the mouthpiece into the chamber, strong wave makes the air to vibrate and makes the sound. Also, by use of piston to change the amount of air inside chamber to alter pitch sound.

Oshawott Water Toy
What makes Oshawott to spray out water from its mouth?
It’s because the power of water is sent through the pump to the toy. The pump will draw water inside cylinder by pulling up & down. Then when push out, Oshawott’s mouth which has a hole will spray out the water.



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