Happy Meal "Mr Peabody & Sherman" toys is available for collection at McDonald's in India, Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Portugal & Romania.

India: February 2014

Argentina: February 2014

Brazil: February 2014

Germany: from 21 February 2014

Hong Kong: 21 February - 20 March 2014

USA: March 2014

Australia: March 2014

Singapore: 6 March - 26 March 2014

Finland: 7 March - 3 April 2014

Hungary: 28 February - 3 April 2014

Taiwan: 26 February - 18 march 2014

Thailand: 28 February - 27 March 2014

Philippines: March 2014

Indonesia: 28 February - 27 March 2014

Romania: 14 March - 10 April 2014

Portugal: April 2014

Check out the Mr Peabody & Sherman official trailer:


Mr. Peabody Egyptian Bobble Head

Mr. Peabody Maze

Sherman Bobble Head

Sherman Flyer

WABAC Machine 3D Puzzle

WABAC Machine Double Sided Maze

Mr. Peabody Magnetic Pyramid Maze

Penny Picture Puzzle

Sherman Sliding Puzzle

Mr Peabody & Sherman @ Happy Studio


  1. It come out march 7 and I like the Sherman toys

  2. I like mr peabody toys

  3. i want these will come to isreal espicly the toys they showed in latin america

  4. The Adventure Time toys were awesome and I even warmed up to the LEGO cups, but these Sherman toys look pretty terrible sadly.

  5. I had been trying for couple of times and never seen it. Everytime I only saw the rest of the toys except the Sherman Bobblehead in Canada. I was kind of disappointed. May I ask where can I purchase one? I tried Amazon.com, but they don't ship to Canada and I don't know why....