The LEGO Movie® Action Cup

Happy Meal “The LEGO Movie® Action Cup” is available for collection at McDonald’s in USA, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Austria, Australia & Germany.
USA: February 2014
There are a total of 8 designs for The LEGO Movie Action Cup.
Eight main characters in The LEGO® Movie:
Batman, Uni-Kitty, Bad Cop, Emmet
Wyldstyle, Metal Beard, President Business and Vitruvius.
Every cup has McPlay Power!

Lego Action Cup – Emmet
From the picture above, you can see Emmet’s different action in different angle.

Hong Kong: 24 January – 14 February 2014

Singapore: 6 February – 5 March 2014

Philippines: February 2014

France: From 12 February 2014

Switzerland: 3 April – 30 April 2014

Austria: 11 April – 8 May 2014

Germany: April 2014

Australia: April 2014

McDonald’s Happy Meal Commercial – The Lego Movie

Check out The LEGO® Movie official movie trailer:
The packaging of LEGO Movie Action Cup!

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8 thoughts on “The LEGO Movie® Action Cup

  1. I completed all the cups, too bad McPlay is not available for my phone and need internet connection to play with the cups…

  2. Anonymous

    What next toys is ??????????????

  3. Anonymous

    The toys is in the cup

  4. Anonymous

    it come out fedruary 7 yay

  5. Anonymous

    Are these cups BPA free?

  6. Anonymous

    It come out 2/7/14

  7. Anonymous

    Mcdonlad's Happy Meal The LEGO Movie®: Action Cup on February 7!

  8. Anonymous

    It come out February 7

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