Happy Meal "The LEGO Movie® Action Cup" is available for collection at McDonald's in USA, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Austria, Australia & Germany.

USA: February 2014

There are a total of 8 designs for The LEGO Movie Action Cup. 

Eight main characters in The LEGO® Movie:
Batman, Uni-Kitty, Bad Cop, Emmet
Wyldstyle, Metal Beard, President Business and Vitruvius.

Every cup has McPlay Power!

Lego Action Cup - Emmet
From the picture above, you can see Emmet's different action in different angle.

Hong Kong: 24 January - 14 February 2014

Singapore: 6 February - 5 March 2014

Philippines: February 2014

France: From 12 February 2014

Switzerland: 3 April - 30 April 2014

Austria: 11 April - 8 May 2014

Germany: April 2014

Australia: April 2014

McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial - The Lego Movie

Check out The LEGO® Movie official movie trailer:
The packaging of LEGO Movie Action Cup!


  1. It come out 2/7/14

  2. Mcdonlad's Happy Meal The LEGO Movie®: Action Cup on February 7!

  3. It come out February 7

  4. What next toys is ??????????????

  5. The toys is in the cup

  6. it come out fedruary 7 yay

  7. Are these cups BPA free?

  8. I completed all the cups, too bad McPlay is not available for my phone and need internet connection to play with the cups...