McDonald’s Classic Magnet

Happy Meal “McDonald’s Classic Magnet“, available for collection from 12 August 2013 at McDonald’s Hong Kong & from September 2013 at McDonald’s Taiwan
There are a total of 4 limited edition magnets in a set:
1. Chicken McNuggets™ Magnet
2. French Fries Magnet Memo Holder
3. Big Mac™ Card Holder
4. McDonald’s Red Shoe (yet to be revealed)

McDonald’s Classic Magnet

Just add NT$ 39 with any set meal purchase to get a McDonald’s Classic Magnet.
Each person is entitled to purchase up to 6 magnets with each set meal.

A full set of 4 magnets to collect at McDonald’s Taiwan!

Hong Kong 麥當勞Q版立體《麥麥磁貼》

There are a total of 6 limited edition magnets in a set @ Hong Kong!
2 additional magnets available compare to Taiwan, which are Apple Pie Magnet & McCafe Magnet.
Cute 3D Food Magnet at McDonald’s Hong Kong. 
Big Mac™ Card Holder

French Fries Magnet Memo Holder

Chicken McNuggets™ Magnet

Food Magnet’s packaging

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