The Smurfs 2

Happy Meal “The Smurfs 2” toys, available for collection on
August 2013 at McDonald’s in USA, Chile, France, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, Cyprus & Qatar.
USA: from 3 August 2013
There are total 16 Smurfs toys in USA.
Philippines: from 24 July 2013
McDonald’s Philippines have 12 Smurfs toys. The toys are totally different with toys in USA, looks like only Smurfette is the same only.
Indonesia: 25 July – 29 August 2013
France: from 31 July 2013
There are total 9 toys in France. It’s almost same with USA’s toys, except the Papa Smurf is different!
Chile & Mexico: from 31 July 2013
China: from 31 July 2013
India: August 2013
Qatar: August 2013
Singapore: 8 August 2013 – 11 September 2013
Malaysia: 15 August – 4 September 2013
Australia: September 2013
Latvia & Lithuania: from 9 August 2013
Poland: August 2013
Portugal: August 2013
Romania: 16 August – 26 September 2013
Switzerland: 1 August – 28 August 2013
Taiwan: 21 August – 10 September 2013
Cyprus: 2 September – 4 October 2013
Denmark: 29 August – 25 September 2013
Finland: 30 August – 26 September 2013
Pakistan: September 2013
Thailand: 27 September – 31 October 2013


How to play the toys:
Papa Smurf


The Smurfs 2 at McDonald’s:

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36 thoughts on “The Smurfs 2

  1. Anonymous

    Smurfs rule here in Finland!

  2. Anonymous

    i got all sets of smurfs from around the world us, australia tawian and one from qatar the grouchy ya

  3. Anonymous

    i live milton ont and love smurfs in 2011 we ran out the smurfs so fast that they gave out the complete set of 10 McDonalds smurf soft toys and this year to i got them instead of the plastic ones i was so mad i want the plastic ones any where to get them why they not make lots so i have lots of the soft ones

  4. Anonymous

    hey does the bad which from wizard of oz us set face glow in the dark does aNY one no where im am 1 threw 4 is sold out I only got 5 and6

  5. Anonymous

    australia has just got these in!!!! first one released is the one with the mirror!!! aka the australian and new zealand and japan exclusive

    next happymeal toy is Talking Friends check out

  6. Anonymous

    I live in Milton on and I have our all 16 there same as us and also got the 8pc from china the Poland set waiting to get Australia and Qatar 2011 smurfs where so hard to collect but I got them all even the French version,china and a other set from Australia I think Im trying to get all 2013 sets from around the world

  7. Anonymous

    hope all countries have same happy meal toy release…

  8. Anonymous

    wanting for minions

  9. Anonymous

    And Latin America, they also get the light-up Vexy.

  10. Anonymous

    When I Do Say is Cyprus?

  11. Anonymous

    My smurfs dont do anything

  12. Anonymous

    The smurfs are cool almost have all the US smurfs need 4 more.

  13. Minions we want it back here in ph!

  14. Anonymous

    Why hasn't usa had the vexy and hackus smurf yet ?

  15. Anonymous

    We want minions back here in philippines

  16. Why can't all countries have the same set of designs???

  17. Anonymous

    Finally got all 16 Smurfs 2 from McDonald's. I have been to 25 different McDonald's just for them and ended the hunt on Saturday August 17th 2013. The hunt started on July 31st.

  18. Anonymous

    Australia will get this in September, images are on … I think Qatar and Australia are the only two that gets purple vexy.

  19. Anonymous

    can't wait to have all of it :)

  20. Anonymous

    How about Malaysia? I'm Waiting whether Malaysia have?

  21. Only Handy and Baker is the same in US, they're the only toys which don't offer any action(all the Smurfs released in US in 2011 and this year are just good for display). The actual Smurfette's look is the one on the Indonesian release photo.

  22. Anonymous

    have all 12 already yey..had to eat 12 happy meals in 2 days.. wew..

  23. Anonymous

    how about malaysia?

  24. already got 5 out of 12 toys in Ph.. I love Brainy the most, it's the only toy I enjoyed playing with though I'm already old..

  25. May I just add, Smurfette may look the same as the US release but in reality, it's not.. The hands move when the button at the back is pressed.. Handy and Baker in the picture for PH looks the same in the US release, but I don't know in reality.

  26. Anonymous

    only smurfette, handy, baker are the same

  27. Anonymous

    What about india ?? Smurfs 2 toys in August 2013 ??

  28. Anonymous

    yaaaaaaaaay im very excited for The Smurfs 2 toys i love them they make me feel smurfy

  29. i like this better than minions. More variations for PH please, like 10-12 designs.

  30. Genji Choi

    We all want Minions here in Philippines! Don't like Smurfs, it makes me feel BLUE!

  31. excited here at Philippines… cant wait

  32. Anonymous

    Not interested in philippines. We want new minions:/

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