Circus Of Life Hello Kitty Plush Toys

McDonald’s “Circus Of Life Hello Kitty” Plush toys 《麥當勞 Hello Kitty 馬戲團》are available for collection at McDonald’s in Hong Kong, Taiwan & Malaysia.

Malaysia: 1 May – 21 May 2014
There are a total of 6 Hello Kitty Plush toys in Malaysia:
1 May – 7 May 2014: Clown & Magician
8 May – 14 May 2014: Chimp & Trapeze
15 May – 21 May 2014: Dare Devil & Animal Tamer
22 May 2014 onwards: Jumbo
Malaysia: 22 May 2014 onwards

Hello Kitty Clown

Hello Kitty Magician
Hello Kitty Chimp

Hello Kitty Trapeze
Hello Kitty Animal Tamer

Hello Kitty Dare Devil
The plush toy will be available at McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia for RM10.95 each with any purchase. There are 2 design available starting every Thursday for 3 weeks.
Initially, McDonald’s Malaysia don’t have “Jumbo” which is Limited Edition Collector’s Kit at Hong Kong. But then they announced on 21 May 2014 that “Jumbo” will be available at Malaysia too.
The limited edition Hello Kitty Jumbo is available on 22 May 2014 at RM12.95 with any purchase at McDonald’s Malaysia.
Hello Kitty Jumbo
Please note that:
– Limited to 10 Hello Kitty Circus of Life plushies per McDelivery order.
– The plush toy is not available at Dessert Center, Dessert Kiosk and McCafe.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: July 2013
McDonald’s Hong Kong “Circus Of Life Hello Kitty Plush” come with 7 plush toys. It is Chimp, Clown, Animal Tamer, Trapeze, Magician, Dare Devil & Jumbo.

Just add HKD $25 with food purchase over HKD $70 to get a Circus of Life Hello Kitty Plush.

For special edition Magician, it only available after 6pm “Mac Time”.
Special edition Dare Devil only available with any McDelivery food order of HKD $70 or more!
Limited Edition Collector’s Kit selling price at HKD $238. Including Jumbo plush toy, special edition Hello Kitty tasty card, popup storybook, Hello Kitty alphabet card, McDonald’s HKD $10 food coupons & Circus of Life Hello Kitty plush toys.
Circus Of Life Hello Kitty 《麥麥幫馬戲團》is available in 
McDonald’s Taiwan from 24 July – 20 August 2013.
There are total 6 Hello Kitty Plush toy in Taiwan.
24 July 2013: 砲彈飛人(歡樂送限量款)
24 July 2013: 魔術師(星光限量款)
24 July 2013 (from 7am): 小丑
31 July 2013: 馴獸師
7 August 2013: 黑猩猩
14 August 2013: 空中飛人

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