Despicable Me 2: Animated Minion Toys Photo

Happy Meal Despicable Me 2’s animated photos from Australia & USA.
12 Minions toys from Australia:
Carl Rocket Skateboard


Dave Gadget Grabber


Jerry Breakdancing



Jerry Whistle


Phil Jelly Whistle


Purple Minion Babbler (only available at Australia)


Purple Minon Giggling


Stuart Light Up Grabber


Tim Giggle Grabber


Tim Giggling


Tom Babbler


Tom Googly Eyes Grabber


Minion Toys for sale


8 Minions toys from USA:

Dave Banana Babbler (only available at USA)
Stuart Blaster (only available at USA)
Jerry Whizzer Whistle
Phil Jelly Whistle
Purple Minion Giggling
Purple Minion Noisemaker
Tim Giggling
Tom Babbler

Check out other country’s Minions toys here.

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15 thoughts on “Despicable Me 2: Animated Minion Toys Photo

  1. Anonymous

    does anyone know if mexico has the latin america exclusive ones yet? are they sold out already?

  2. Anonymous

    does anyone know when is the banana and blaster coming out? would really appreciate ur reply!! THANKS

  3. Anonymous

    Us has all of them we are lucky :) hahaha

  4. Anonymous

    Does anyone know which minions have already been released in Australia and how often do they release it?
    Appreciate the info

  5. Anonymous

    Although breakdancing Jerry and the light up Stuart look pretty funny :) The USA banana one is one of the better talking ones, I'm not upset for us in the states.

  6. Anonymous

    But australia has more:/

  7. Anonymous

    Well..not all of the minions are available here in the US i guess we're even..

  8. Anonymous

    yeah i want dave banana babbler. BANANA?

  9. Anonymous

    Please available more stocks in MALAYSIA!!!!
    Please restock more!!! i can't buy it in MALAYSIA!!!!
    after 2 days all were sold out!!!

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    Most of your minions arent here in US… its unfair…

  12. Anonymous

    Thats right satisfy your customers here in the philippines!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Dont be unfair mcdo provide this set in the philippines!

  14. Anonymous

    Yeah provide this set in philippines mcdo!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Why we dont have this set in the philippines??? Can you provide this to us???

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