Hello Kitty & Voov

Happy Meal “Hello Kitty & Voov” toys, available for collection
on May & June 2013 at McDonald’s in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines & Indonesia.
Malaysia: 9 May – 5 June 2013
This Hello Kitty toys also available in USA on January – February 2013! 
In Uruguay & Colombia’s ThunderCats & Hello Kittys on June 2013, the Hello Kitty are very colorful.
In Malaysia, we don’t have Hello Kitty Loves Painting & Hello Kitty Loves Music.
Philippines: May – June 2013
Thailand: 17 May – 13 June 2013
Hong Kong: 31 May – 27 June 2013
India: June 2013
Singapore: June 2013
Indonesia: 24 May – 20 Jun 2013
China: June 2013
Taiwan: 24 July – 20 August 2013

Hello Kitty display set in McDonald’s Malaysia


Voov display set in McDonald’s Malaysia
Week 1: Hello Kitty Loves Dancing
Week 2: Hello Kitty Loves Reading
Week 3: Hello Kitty Loves Tennis
Week 4: Hello Kitty Loves Baking
Week 1: Voov Sports Car / Police Car
Week 2: Voov Cargo Truck / Wheel Loader
Week 3: Voov Fire Engine / VooV Truck
Week 4: Voov McDonald’s Truck / McDonald’s Car
   Packaging of the toys:
Check out the other country’s Hello Kitty toys:
ThunderCats & Hello Kitty @ Brazil, Uruguay & Colombia (colorful version)

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3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty & Voov

  1. Anonymous

    hi i am to from mexico……..
    pues me gustaria que ese tipo de juguetes los den aqui porque son curiosos.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks For the new Bandai toy ,VooV. I would wish that there will be more new cars than just the sports car to a police car, the cargo to a wheel loader, the voov truck to a fire truck , and the mcdonalds truck to a car

  3. Anonymous

    It's too bad that only four hello kitty designs were offered when there could be six, tough luck what was omitted were the ones I like the most hello kitty loves to play the guitar and hello kitty loves to paint

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