Despicable Me 2

Happy Meal “Despicable Me 2 《神偷奶爸2》” toys, available for
collection on July 2013 at McDonald’s in Philippines, Indonesia, USA, UK, Austria, Australia, Brzail, Panama, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Romania, Portugal, Finland, Latvia, Colombia, Chile, Israel, Uruguqy, Guatemala, Luxembourg, Poland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore & Taiwan.

Australia: from 27 June 2013
Minion toys in Australia got 12 toys to collect. There are:
Purple Minion Babbler, Tim Giggle Grabber, Dave Gadget Grabber, Carl Rocket Skateboard,
Jerry Whistle, Phil Jelly Whistle, Tom Babbler, Tom Googly Eyes Grabber,
Jerry Breakdancing, Stuart Light Up Grabber, Tim Giggling, Purple Minion Giggling.

Check out Australia’s Minion toys animated photo here.

Austria: 5 July – 1 August 2013

Philippines: Jun – July 2013
Philippines’s Minion toys got extra 3 which Australia don’t have, which is Stuart Babbler Grabber, Evil Minion Noisemaker & Evil Minion Chomper.
But in Philippines, they don’t have Purple Minion Babbler, Carl Rocket Skateboard, Jerry Whistle, Phil Jelly Whistle, Tom Babbler, Purple Minion Giggling compare with Australia.

Indonesia: 22 June – 25 July 2013
Mexico: from 27 June 2013
Guatemala: from 28 June 2013
Panama : from 27 June 2013
Chile, Colombia, Uruguay : from 28 June 2013
Brazil: from 27 June 2013
There are total 11 minion toys in Mexico, Panama & Brazil. Note that there are 2 special minion toys that other countries don’t have.
France: from 26 June 2013
Switzerland: 27 June – 31 July 2013
Denmark: 27 June – 31 July 2013
Hungary: 28 June – 1 August 2013
Sweden: 28 June – 1 August 2013
Malaysia: 4 July – 31 July 2013
India: from 1 July 2013

USA: July 2013
There are 2 special minions which only available in USA, which is
Dave Banana Babbler & Stuart Blaster.
Check out USA’s Minion toys animated photo here.

UK: 12 Jun – 6 Aug 2013

Taiwan: 3 July – 23 July 2013

Hong Kong: 5 July – 1 August 2013

Thailand: 5 July – 8 August 2013

Romania: 5 July – 15 August 2013

Portugal: from 5 July 2013

Latvia & Lithuania: from 5 July

Israel: from 8 July 2013

Germany, Luxembourg: from 8 July 2013

Poland: July 2013

Finland: 5 July – 1 August 2013

Singapore: from 11 July 2013

Cyrus: 8 July – 4 August 2013

Pakistan: September 2013

Qatar: September – October 2013

Despicable Me 2 @ HappyStudio

China: November 2013

Check out the Minion Madness at McDonald’s:

Click here to watch the Despicable Me 2 movie trailer!

Despicable Me 2 – Evil Minion Chomper

Despicable Me 2 – Tom Googly Eyes Grabber

Despicable Me 2 – Jerry Breakdancing

Despicable Me 2 – Dave Gadget Grabber

Despicable Me 2 – Stuart Light Up Grabber

Despicable Me 2 – Tim Giggling

Despicable Me 2 – Evil Minion Noisemaker

Despicable Me 2 – Tim Giggle Grabber

Despicable Me 2 – Stuart Babbler Grabber

A comprehensive list of Despicable Me Minion toys available worldwide.

Buy the Despicable Me [DVD + Digital Copy] (Universal’s 100th Anniversary) from amazon!

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130 thoughts on “Despicable Me 2

  1. mark

    Meron pa bo pang stocks ng minion??

  2. Anonymous

    minoins will be available here in UAE… soon!!!
    can wait to get all of them…

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    You can't order online in Singapore anymore.

    And, anyone knows what I should do if my minion toy doesn't work? My banana babbler isn't making any noise. Would changing battery help?

    Thank you.

  5. Anonymous

    can mcdonalds bring back the minions this september?

  6. Anonymous

    please bring back the minios, offer the other model to other countries. . .

  7. Anonymous

    does anyone know when Mcdonalds is going to stop giving the minion toys in Mexico

  8. Anonymous

    Anybody know can I still order online for the minios thru Mcdonalds website in Singapore ?

  9. Anonymous

    i have 11 out of 12, mc donalds australia, yeey! the last one will be the purple minion giggling!

  10. Anonymous

    but the 2 exclusive Brazil version of the toys are being sold at very high prices online now :( do you know where can collectors still get it at a reasonable cost?

  11. Anonymous

    Can I know bangkok where hv?
    My bosd go to find it but no..
    Even phuket also. .
    Pls reply. Tq

  12. Anonymous

    I heard theres one that is on a skateboard. Is that one avalible in Canada?

  13. Anonymous

    There are a lot of stock from Brazil, here nobody crazy for the toys. Brazil launch all toys at one time, no need to queue, anytime can get, can choose what you like.

  14. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the latin america ones have been released in mexico yet?

  15. Anonymous

    Will the rest of the happy meal minions ever reach canada?

  16. Anonymous

    When is the release of this in dubai? Which designs of minion??

  17. Anonymous

    We Love the Minions, not the junk food!
    Please browse for the toys on Amazon or somewhere else, not on McDonalds!!!

  18. Anonymous

    I went today and they still had hello Kitty up..

  19. Anonymous

    please have the minions available in all your branches in the Philippines. a lot of people would like to buy it… hope you guys extend it.



  21. Anonymous

    are they still restocking on Dave Banana Babbler in the US?

  22. Anonymous

    i cant find it here in the Philippines. em i too late!

  23. I need #3 #4 #5 minions from USA…how n where can I get ?

  24. Anonymous

    Pls restock in philippines :( want the one with the light

  25. Just got 8/8 today here in the USA

  26. Anonymous

    Yes, I got this one in the US a few days ago.

  27. Anonymous

    Yes I got one in the USA.

  28. Anonymous

    i want to know where this information came from. can you share?

  29. Wish the 2 minions from latin america were available here in australia. We are lucky to still have lots of the other minions available :)

  30. Yep, only 3 released so far (started on Jul 11) :
    – Tim Giggling
    – Tom Googly Eyes Grabber
    – Dave Gadget Grabber

    The change is every thursday

  31. Anonymous

    is this true? where did you get this information?

  32. Anonymous

    how did you know?

  33. Anonymous

    Hi, what is the name of exclusive minion which is only available on Latin America region?

  34. Anonymous

    canada too has minion with banana. it laughs and says ooh banana

  35. Anonymous

    Do u guys know if I can get the 4 exclusive minions from Brazil posted to uk?

  36. I want to collect all..
    Unfortunately, there's only 9 minions here in the Philippines. :(
    And all of the McDonald's that I've visited was out-of-stock.. :'(

  37. Anonymous

    yes..must add more stock in cebu so i can buy all in one day..

  38. Anonymous

    Yes they will give us more new minions in the philippines on july 15:) Were very happy!!!

  39. Anonymous

    In ph sold out in all branches the complete 9 minions in 1 week. Anyway they are telling that we are getting new variations of minions. Mcdo for bfast lunch and dinner!

  40. Anonymous

    Re stock toys at McDonald's at el paso tx..

  41. Anonymous

    Nope. But smurfs will be available there.

  42. Anonymous

    Jorong still available. Go now before finish:(

  43. hi.. when and where in mcdonalds in new york i can find this collecctions..??

  44. Mcdonalds south supermarket valenzuela city madaming dumating n stock khpon

  45. Anonymous

    Will it be available here in kuwait soon? Pls say yes…

  46. McD Malaysia sold off 1st 3 in less than 6 hours ….
    hahahaha crazy dude ~

  47. Anonymous

    Will be available soon in your country phil.

  48. Anonymous

    Why i call mcdo say only avail in malaysia not here in singapor

  49. Anonymous

    why is Canada excluded?

  50. Anonymous

    What branches of mcdonald's still have stocks of minions??

  51. Anonymous

    must re-stock these Minions here in Cebu!

  52. Anonymous

    here in the phillipines only 9 characters area available, i want to have the other 3 characters that are available in australia… :(

  53. Anonymous

    Limited stocks per country only. Sorry. But you can buy smurfs soon:)

  54. Anonymous

    do you have it in singapore ?

  55. Anonymous

    Despicable Me toys will avaliable at Mcdonald on 11/07/2013, 11am . :) I have called up Mcdonald office to double confirmed. YEAH!!!!!!

  56. Anonymous

    All stocks in mcd indonesia are sold out… add more stocks plzzzzz

  57. Anonymous

    This will not be available in middle east country. But mcdo glass tumbler available there.

  58. Anonymous

    Already finish in PH. But ronald mcdo & friends toyline now available. So grab a happymeal now:/

  59. Anonymous

    Please have them in Singapore!!!!! Really want the minions!!

  60. Anonymous

    Will this be available in Saudi Arabia?

  61. Anonymous

    My wife collected all 9 in just one day. McDonald's PH Greenbelt (outside)

  62. its out of stock in the Philippines I only got 1 T_T

  63. Anonymous

    Not available in middle east. Only glass tumblr.

  64. when it'll be available here in Bahrain?

  65. What is the name for the 2 unique pieces can be only find in South America Region?

  66. Anonymous

    Why not in Canada?!?!

  67. Anonymous


  68. Anonymous

    Is there mcdo there?! Haha;)

  69. Anonymous

    Which country has the minion with a banana??? I saw 1 in the net.

  70. Anonymous

    There are 6 minions which are not available in asia. Unfair;/

  71. Anonymous

    Is it available in USA yet?

  72. Anonymous

    most mcdonald's branches inside malls are already out of stock. some still have a lot available

  73. Anonymous

    the "grabbing" action it does looks like it's clapping if it does not have anything to hold on.

  74. Anonymous

    maybe not. available for limited time only. buy from other country:)

  75. Anonymous

    Do all these minions available differently every week in Australia?

  76. lee

    Which character of minions will be available for each week in McD's Australia? Please…

  77. Anonymous

    Please give us minion here in mababoy island masbate. We love the minions of gru!

  78. Anonymous

    How about Hong Kong?

  79. Anonymous

    please have stocks here in honh kong, we like the minions too 😀

  80. when it start in australia? thanks

  81. Anonymous

    EXTEND please (in philippines) I want to buy all minions. extend until end of July please!

    EXTEND please (in philippines) I want to buy all Minions. extend until end of July please!

  82. Anonymous

    Malaysia also need it please…

  83. Anonymous

    In 1 week time all the minions are gone in PH.

  84. Anonymous

    It's already out of stock on most McDonald's branches in Manila! It's really a Minion Madness!!

  85. Anonymous

    Available few days ago but now its OUT OF STOCK

  86. Anonymous

    Almost out of stock in the Philippines!!!

  87. Anonymous

    Why its out of stock already in Philippines???

  88. Why malaysia McD didnt provided?

  89. Anonymous

    What about Bangkok?? Will we have these as well?

  90. Anonymous

    I just buy 2 in Mexico!!

  91. Anonymous

    How can i buy the one from australia? From PH

  92. Anonymous


  93. Anonymous

    already have 4, still hunting for the rest

  94. Anonymous

    9 out of 9 for me mcdo ph!

  95. Anonymous

    cute! i got 4 of 'em! 5 to go for mcdo PH xD

  96. Anonymous

    Can we just buy the toys without purchasing a happy meal?

  97. James DM

    Can we have it in Singapore, we love it so much!!

  98. Anonymous

    not sure about it, but you can buy it at amazon :)

  99. Is the minion action figure available in the Philippines???

  100. 7 down 2 to go from mcdonalds PH.. xD

  101. Anonymous

    how about Malaysia?

  102. Anonymous

    Got 5 out of 9 Minions from McDonalds Philippines 😀

  103. Rudi Gunawan

    Horayyy Indonesia ready, lets Hunting the toy!!

  104. Anonymous

    i think mas dun hv it

  105. Anonymous

    Hey you one-eyed minion prepare yourself 'cause i'm gonna get you later after work. BA-NA-NA NA-NA-NA-NA!

  106. Anonymous

    It's free when you buy Happy Meal

  107. Get a free toy when you buy Happy Meal.

  108. Anonymous

    What about Singapore!!! :(

  109. Anonymous

    what does the "grabber" mean? does it literally grab something?

  110. Anonymous

    how much does it cost?

  111. When will this available in Malaysia?

  112. when will this available in the Malaysia? =(

  113. Anonymous


  114. Yes, Mcdonalds PH currently have the 9 minion toys posted above :)

  115. Is this available in the philippines? thanks

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