Skylanders Giants & Fijit Friends Shimmies

Happy Meal “Skylanders Giants & Fijit Friends Shimmies” toys,
available for collection at McDonald’s in USA.
Skylanders Giant in USA: April – May 2013
Skylanders Giant also available in Australia soon (June 2013)
Fijit Friends Shimmies in USA: April – May 2013

Skylanders Giant


Jet-Vac – a wingless Sky Baron
Ignitor – a fire knight spirit
Crusher – a rock golem
Chop Chop – an Arkeyan skeleton warrior
Tree Rex –  a large, mutated tree
Spyro – a strong-willed dragon
Gill Grunt – a blue Gillman
Drobot – a robotic suit-wearing dragon
Kaos – an evil Portal Master

Check out the “Tall Tales” Extended Trailer:
Official Skylanders Giants

Fijit Friends Shimmies

Fijit Friends Shimmies – Sambrella
Fijit Friends Shimmies – Twango
Fijit Friends Shimmies – Twistina
Fijit Friends Shimmies – Peera
Fijit Friends Shimmies – Peyla

Browse the Fijit Friends Shimmies video below!

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6 thoughts on “Skylanders Giants & Fijit Friends Shimmies

  1. Anonymous

    skylanders over?

  2. Anonymous

    They are gone in one week! Can we order online?

  3. I can't believe they have skylanders!

  4. Yes. You can even specify which Skylander you want.

  5. Anonymous

    Is it possible to just ask for the skylanders figures?

  6. Anonymous

    do skylanders giants happy meal ln the uk this month please and after that can you do a ultimate spider man happy meal next month and after that ln june do green lantern the animated series happy meal ln the uk

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