YooHoo & Friends

Happy Meal “YooHoo & Friends” toys, available for collection at
McDonald’s in Europe.

YooHoo @ HappyStudio

Sweden: 25 January – 21 February 2013
BooHoo, YooHoo, Sanchee, Chewoo, HeeHee,
Pammee, Roodee, Lemmee, Sharkoo, Limee

Finland: 8 February – 7 March 2013

Switzerland: 7 February – 13 March 2013

Luxembourg & Germany: February – March 2013

Austria: March 2013

United Kingdom: 13 February – 9 April 2013
YooHoo & Friends Activity Fun book & Adventures with YooHoo & Friends book

Romania: 15 February – 21 March 2013

Latvia: From 15 February 2013

Israel: March 2013

Hungary: 8 February – 14 March 2013

Turkey: April 2013

Check out the YooHoo & Friends animated series:




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17 thoughts on “YooHoo & Friends

  1. Anonymous

    When do they come to the Netherlands?

  2. Anonymous

    When do they come to holland?!?!

  3. Anonymous

    where can i get yoohoo and friends toys in Ireland, exactly Letterkenny and how much is it please :)

  4. Anonymous

    Im in the UK, how do I buy the other yoohoos that I didn't get from mcdonalds please?!

  5. Anonymous

    I know im looking for them too i have only got limee lemee and the chimpanzee i forgot its name

  6. Anonymous

    They're sOoooooooo adorable!

  7. I am trying to get yoohoo and heehee as my daughter as the rest of them but we couldn't get hold of the final two and my macdonalds have said that they can't get the ones I want now. Does anybody know how I can get the final two please? Thanks

  8. Anonymous

    I can't get hold of Chewoo or Pammee anywhere, I've been told the promotion ends soon so I have no chance of getting the whole set for my son now :(
    Does anyone have any spares/ doubles?

  9. Anonymous

    Most McDonalds' sell the toys separately ad well,at least here in Ireland. I am only missing HeeHee amd Sharkoo now!

  10. this is strange, it says the uk is getting the books but I have three of the toys right next to me :/

  11. Alice

    Please tell me how i can by Yoohoo and friends?

  12. Anonymous

    These toys are incredibly cute and I've already got my favourites, the television show from which they are based, isn't very good. But I really do like these small, soft feeling toys, which are easy to put on a personal bag via the thread on the top of each characters head!!!

  13. Anonymous

    portugal- 15 february-14 march

  14. Anonymous

    portugal 15 february – ?

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