Happy Meal “Tamagotchi! < 塔麻可吉!>” toys, available for collection 
from December 2012 & January 2013 at McDonald’s in Hong Kong & Taiwan.
Hong Kong: 14 December 2012 – 10 January 2013

There are total 8 Tamagotchi:
Lovelin (爱心集合), Kuromametchi (足球), Himespetchi, Mametchi (赛车),
Memetchi (篮球), Kuchipatchi (棒球), Melodytchi (高尔夫), and Spaceytchi Ufo.

Taiwan: 塔麻可吉!26 December 2012 – 22 January 2013


Malaysia: Tamagotchi (7 February – 6 March 2013)

Tamagotchi: Mametchi Car Race
Tamagotchi: Memetchi Basketball
Tamagotchi: Kuromametchi Soccer
Tamagotchi: Melodytchi Golf

 Tamagotchi: Lovelin Heart Collection

 Tamagotchi: Himespetchi Exciting House

Tamagotchi: Spaceytchi UFO
Tamagotchi: Kuchipatchi Baseball




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