Rise Of The Guardians

Happy Meal “Rise Of The Guardians” toys, available for collection 
in November 2012 at McDonald’s in Singapore, Australia, Austria, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Portugal, USA & Indonesia.
There are total 6 toys: Bunny, Jack Frost, Tooth, Sandy, North’s Globe & Elf.

Rise Of The Guardians @ HappyStudio

Singapore: November 2012

United States of America: November & December 2012

Hong Kong: 23 November – 13 December 2012
Rise of the Guardians in Hong Kong known as 五星大联盟. 

Malaysia: 22 November – 12 December 2012
Australia: December 2012 – January 2013
Additional 2 more toys at Australia is Tooth’s Keepsake & Jack’s Keepsake Box
Austria: untill 21 December 2012
Hungary: 30 November – 27 December 2012
Portugal: 7 December – 3 January 2013
India: December 2012
Indonesia: 17 November – 20 December 2013

Malaysia only have 5 toys to collect.
Malaysia’s free toys do not have “Elf” compare with other country.

Rise of the Guardians: Jack Frost
Load a snowflake disc into Jack’s staff and pull back on his spring-loaded waist 
to fling your own snowstorm.


Rise of the Guardians: North’s Globe
Press the button on the base to flip between the 2 images of North and the Yeti’s. If you press fast enough the images will magically appear to be in the same scene!

Rise of the Guardians: Bunny
Push the lever on Bunny’s back to rotate his arm into position to grab the boomerang. 
Release the lever and Bunny flings the boomerang!
Rise of the Guardians: Sandy
Sandy uses magical magnets to float and spin on his sandstorm base!
Rise of the Guardians: Tooth
Wind the spinning top onto the bottom of Tooth & press the button on her back to launch it. 
Keep pressing the button to manually flap her wings.
Rise of the Guardians: Elf
Press down on Elf’s body to change his humorous, facial expressions! 
There are 3 different facial expressions to surprise you every time.

TV Commercial in U.S.A
五星大聯盟 TV Commercial in Hong Kong


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